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Southeast Louisiana Flood Protection Authority East & West Nominating Committee and HB266


Urgent Action Needed:

Please contact your legislators and urge them to vote against HB 266. HB 266 calls for term limits for SLFPA nominating committee members. This is legislation is unwarranted and unnecessary.
  • The nominating appointment process in place is sound, valid, and working since inception with appropriate checks and balances, resulting in the selection of highly qualified and productive members of the SLFPA boards. Setting term limits would force off qualified members who may be willing to continue to serve.
  • All evidence points to well-functioning authorities working within their missions.

More Information

Contact LA House Transportation Committee

Levee Board Status Report

Act 572 regarding SLFPA- HB 1149

There is intentional misleading and inaccurate information being promoted by some proponents of HB 266, claiming that "the levee board reform took control of the awarding of contracts out of the Governors hands and gave it to a small group of people" and the nominating committee members serve for life terms. These statements are not based in fact or practice as the nominating committee has nothing to do with the awarding of contracts, and the nominating committee members do not serve for life terms.

There is no basis and no precedent for structural term limits here, which appear to serve no purpose other than to disrupt a system that is purposely put in place to avoid influence and rigidity.  

Background Information:

The intent of the levee board reform was that the S.E. Louisiana levee boards would have professional, apolitical expertise to oversee rebuild, and maintain our levee system. The goal of the nominating process is to create the strongest pool of candidates for the SLFPA board with the nominees appointed by the Governor.

By its own structure, the change of committee make-up is working well and occurs through natural attrition. In the past 2 years, there have been 5 new members on the nominating committee.

Representative Walt Leger did a complete review of the SLFPA nominating process in 2016, and after much review and discussion there was no desire to limit organizations regarding terms of appointments.  There continues to be no reason to do so today.

September 2006